Why Accreditation is Vital

End of life care is the primary function of any hospice. This period is far from static for many patients, and hospices provide comfort for patients of any age. Generally speaking, they function in many of the ways that hospitals do but give support to patients and family members with a less sterile-feeling, gentler environment. Additionally, these spaces are often intended for patients suffering from terminal illness, who would not benefit from an extended stay in a hospital, and whose needs require a period of care that cannot be easily defined.

Hospice accreditation is paramount because those charged with the care and comfort of patients must have the qualifications of medical professionals as well as the resources essential to fulfill their duties. Professionals whose tasks include appropriate and compassionate financial consultation, billing, and even comfort to family members may also be employed. Therefore, it’s vital that these spaces meet or exceed established standards tailored to their function.

How are Hospices Accredited?