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Aspire Hospice LLC is a Texas born agency that was built on integrity, love, kindness, and compassion. We are dedicated to being involved in the care of your loved one and fully committed to improve the lives of our clients, their families, and our surrounding community.

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Aspire Hospice LLC is a Texas born hospice company that is here to ensure that those which need help in any manner or capacity, will receive that help with the utmost compassion and generosity. We are honored to have the opportunity to help those in need of genuine help. The company is built on the foundation of understanding and family. Here at Aspire Hospice LLC we want to put our hearts into the homes of clients that we have the opportunity to assist.

The founding members all have experience with hospice professionally and personally.  Each of us has been a family member with a loved on this journey. We know that our empathy during these trying times makes us extra mindful to ensure your family gets the very best care.

What makes us different

Aspire Hospice LLC we are family owned and locally based here in Houston Texas. We tailor care plans to meet individual and family needs.  We understand that unexpected situations occur, find comfort in knowing you can reach one of the founding members to speak with.  













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Our Mission

“Aspire to direct one’s hopes or ambitions toward achieving something”

At Aspire Hospice we strive for quality in the daily lives of those we
serve as we understand every disease is unique. We are dedicated to
the individuals and families going through this journey.

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Hospice Levels of Care

Generally, Medicare pays hospice agencies a daily rate for each day a patient is enrolled in the hospice benefit. Medicare makes this daily payment regardless of the number of services provided on a given day, including days when the hospice provides no services. The daily payment rates cover the hospice’s costs for providing services included in patient care plans. Medicare makes daily payments based on 1 of 4 levels of hospice care:

  1. Routine home care: A day the patient elects to get hospice care at home and isn’t getting continuous home care. A patient’s home might be a home, a skilled nursing facility (SNF), or an assisted living facility. Routine home care is the level of care provided when the patient isn’t in crisis. 
  2. Continuous home care: A day when both of these apply:
    • The patient gets hospice care in a home setting that isn’t an inpatient facility (hospital, SNF, or hospice inpatient unit)
    • The care consists mainly of nursing care on a continuous basis at home

      Patients can also get hospice aide, homemaker services, or both on a continuous basis. Hospice patients can get continuous home care only during brief periods of crisis and only as needed to maintain the patient at home. 

  3. Inpatient respite care: A day the patient elects to get hospice care in an approved inpatient facility for up to 5 consecutive days to give their caregiver a rest.
  4. General inpatient care: A day the patient elects hospice care in an inpatient facility for pain control or acute or chronic symptom management, which can’t be managed in other settings.


For Legal Detail: https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Medicare-Fee-for-Service-Payment/Hospice

Our staff is truly passionate about giving their all to each and every patient. They are fully trained to handle any situations or problems that may occur, whether they be physical, emotional, or spiritual. Their compassion and skill make them fully equipped to help consult you and take off some of the burden off your shoulders. All staff members also go through frequent evaluations to ensure that they meet our standards.

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